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Sofia Khan is President and CEO of Nonlinear Seismic Imaging, Inc. (NSII).   Sofia possesses a passionate and committed desire to deliver innovative solutions and efficiency improvement for complex challenges in future hydrocarbon Exploration and Production (E&P).  Sofia grew up in the world of international oil and gas exploration, with its cyclical nature of boom times and downturns.  Her father, Tawassul Khan, travelled extensively and dedicated his entire career to the advancement of technology for oil discovery.  His work and enduring commitment in the quest to find oil influenced the environment she lived in.


Ms. Khan’s family moved from one hemisphere to the other, lived in and travelled to both developed and underdeveloped countries.  She has received an education far beyond the schools and degrees on record.  In spite of earning an Executive M.B.A. from the University of Houston and a B.A. Managerial Studies degree from Rice University, and with over twenty five years of securities and insurance experience, Sofia is most interested in the energy challenge to help solve what could become a severe global and geopolitical energy crisis.


Sofia has led a dedicated effort with her father since 2001 on the creation and evaluation of this technology as one of the means to the energy solution.  Global leaders recognize that each nation is interconnected, in which no one is an “island” that should be left behind.   Irrespective of how much effort is put in, we cannot get away from fossil fuels easily.  With an increased and stable supply of resources, developing nations shift towards higher industrialization, improved standards of living and increased food production - a “win-win” for all.  As the world’s population increases and nations desire a better standard of living, everyone will continue to face uncertainty unless the imbalance between resource distribution and population is solved.  The time has come for the oil and gas industry to implement a new and highly diagnostic technology that directly detects and maps the hydrocarbon reservoir fluids and reservoir properties, rather than the subsurface structure.

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